About macro photography

Macro photography is a photo art that is about taking close-up pictures of subjects. It is often used to shoot jewelry, flora and fauna, natural phenomena, etc.

Types of macro photography

There are several types of such photography:

  • Used to shoot microcircuits, microorganisms. The main task is to get a clear image. Used in electronics development and science.
  • Suitable for taking pictures of goods and results of the beauty industry, etc. In the studio it is easier to choose the best angle and adjust the required light level.
  • Used to photograph animals, plants, insects, etc. in their natural habitat. Requires the use of special equipment and certain skills.

Methods of macro photography

You can get a detailed photo of an object with your smartphone or SLR camera. Popular models of mobile devices have a special lens for this shooting. To take a picture just activate the appropriate mode and bring the camera close to the subject. It will automatically focus on the subject.

Professional tips

It is not enough to use special equipment to get a clear image. Professional advice can help you take high-quality macro pictures:

  1. Weather and location. You should shoot insects, plants and animals outdoors. The main parameters that determine good visibility and clarity of small elements are temperature and weather conditions. It is better to shoot on a cloudy day.
  2. Mount the equipment on a tripod and aim at an object 15 cm from the lens sensor. Too short a distance will not provide enough light.
  3. Depth of field. The hardest part of macro photography is focusing and adjusting the detail. When shooting with a DSLR camera, you can increase the depth of field by adjusting the aperture. To increase the brightness of the image, you increase the ISO. If there is no possibility to adjust the sensitivity and aperture settings, it is recommended to use the corresponding built-in mode. In this case the camera will automatically determine the parameters.
  4. Beginners are advised to shoot with a tripod and start with a fast shutter speed. Set it to 1/100 or faster. Long shutter speeds are used if the frame is dark. In this case it is important to keep an eye on your surroundings. When shooting outdoors, the wind can cause a blurred background. You need to wait for it to subside or wrap the subject in cardboard sheets, reflectors, etc. When shooting an insect in this mode, wait for it to freeze. Only then can you get a detailed image.
  5. Move the subject. In macro photography, the camera is placed close to the subject on a flat surface. Because of this feature, you need to move the subject rather than the camera. This will allow you to get pictures from different angles. The surface must be clean, as any dust particles will be visible.
  6. Manual focus. The auto option does not control the movement of the element. You need to focus the lens yourself instead of using auto mode.

For macro photography you can use the camera of your mobile device and a special mode, but to get the most detailed photos you need the professional equipment.