Construction of a new gold extraction plant has begun in the Chelyabinsk region


The press service of Konstantin Strukov «Yuzhuralzoloto» group companies announced they would construct a new gold extraction plant in the Chelyabinsk region. According to the news, this plant will allow «Yuzhuralzoloto» to extract gold in Chelyabinsk for many decades. In this article, we consider the prospects of reconstruction of the plant.

Gold in Chelyabinsk: large-scale modernisation

The modernization of gold mines has some features. Each of them aims to improve gold-containing ore’s mining and manufacturing processes. Let’s look at the essential features of this process.

  1. The implementation of innovative technologies. Modernization of plants includes the development and use of digital technologies. This is necessary for automation and optimization of manufacturing processes.  It is hard to imagine the work of a process plant that does not use advanced equipment and innovative methods of ore enrichment.
  2. Improving the working conditions and safety of workers. Construction and reconstruction of plants help create safe and comfortable working conditions for professionals and implement modern safety and monitoring systems.
  3. The optimization of ore manufacturing processes. In that case, innovative methods of enrichment and processing of gold-containing ore help professionals and corporations increase the outcome of any precious metal and reduce the environmental impact. This includes the application of advanced enrichment, recycling, and waste treatment technologies.
  4. Reducing the negative impact on the environment. Implementing environmentally friendly technologies and measures for site rehabilitation are important in modernizing gold mining and other ore plants. Compliance with strict environmental safety standards is an equally important aspect of this process. Moreover, this innovation has become a trend for factories in many countries.
  5. The use of digital technologies. Digitalization plays an important role in the modernization of plants. These innovations include implementing cloud monitoring systems, data analytics, production management, and process automation.
gold quarry
Gold quarry

These features of the construction of plants in gold mining are key to the industry’s sustainability. Increasing its competitiveness in the modern market would have been impossible without advanced advances in the technological field.

Major innovations of «Yuzhuralzoloto» for the plant in the Chelyabinsk region

In addition to hydrocyanide air purification technology, the project introduced other innovations. Firstly, that is the reverse water supply in the processing of minerals. This latest technology helps plants minimize water use from external sources and eliminate the consequences of dumping waste into local water bodies.

Besides, this process will be fully automated. For example, information and computer systems will monitor environmental impact and reduce the risk of accidents in a fully autonomous mode. Speakers report that this project will help the ecology and the region’s local budget.


The modernization of plants in gold mining plays an important role in the development of the mining industry. Introducing the latest technology has increased productivity, reduced environmental impact, and improved worker safety. This reconstruction improves the quality of life of the local population and creates new workplaces. With the help of innovative technologies, gold mining has become more efficient, and the whole industry is developing sustainably.