How to Make a Bright Photo

Not only a professional can make a beautiful photo. On its basis, you can order an excellent birthday card. Post-printing processing will allow you to make a real masterpiece even from an ordinary photo taken on the phone. And for the postcard to come out beautifully, you need to do the following processing.

Choose a bright sunny day. This will ensure your photos to be bright and vivid. But if this is not possible, then you can take a photo indoors with a flash using any simple camera. As a beautiful birthday card, not only portrait photos are suitable but also any shots of cakes, pastry, and even flowers against the background of sunny grass or a blue or sunset sky. But there should be a place for a wish and an inscription on any of them.

Then follows printing and post-printing processing. When the photo is printed, you can start additional processing. For this, you will need a beautiful colored sequin gel pen, preferably golden or silver. The color should contrast with the background; for example, a silver or golden inscription will suit a purple background, while a golden or purple inscription will suit a pink one. The main thing is that the inscription is easy to read.

Then you can rely on your imagination. You can paste the photo on a cardboard card of a contrasting color after wrapping it with golden foil or a material like organza. You can decorate the postcard with shells, beads, glass beads, or other decorations. The main thing is that you get a bright, stylish, and beautiful card in the end that pleases the eye and appeals to the recipient. Then both a festive mood will be ensured the latter and many other people will appreciate such a card.