Histories of photographic art

Every modern person knows about this kind of photographic art. But you probably don’t know that this term originated from ancient Greek words such as «writing» and «light». Photography is produced by playing with light and the presence of photosensitive material in the camera.

Histories of photographic art: origins

Joseph Nicephorus Niepce took the first photograph by using the camera obscura in 1826. Let’s note that the first photograph in the world did not depict anything interesting. This was the view from Niepce’s window.

Around these same years, Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre worked hard to create his permanent image. He achieved excellent results. However, Daguerre and Niepce merged in 1829. Daguerre received valuable information from Niepce and became even more active. He perfected an earlier result of his work.

He did not reach a new result until 1837. Then he received an image at the exposition. The photographer used regular table salt as a fixing component for half an hour. The main disadvantage of this process is that Daguerre was unable to copy this image.

If you want to answer the question of what century photography was invented in, you should know that this is the 18th century. It was during those years that many of the photographic artists of the era worked hard to invent photography. For example, the first wax negative images were invented in 1851. This discovery has significantly changed the process of producing a stable image, and the main thing is that it has simplified the process.