Interesting facts about photographic art

Many modern people are not surprised by beautiful and colorful pictures, as different models of cameras are offered in great variety. Great pictures were taken using these machines. However, not many of us know the history of the art of photography. This line has many interesting points to describe in this article.

The most extraordinary facts about photographic art

  • The first photograph appeared more than 200 years ago. The creator of this photograph was named Joseph Nicephorus Niepce. He took this photograph in 1826 and called it simply «View from the window». The quality of the image was bad but this photograph was the beginning of this art.
  • The camera collection, which consists of 4,425 pieces of equipment, is owned by  Dilish Parekh, who began to assemble it in 1977. Parekh has unique models in his collection, which were produced under the guise of a regular watch or lighter.
  • 80% of the photography companies are in Japan. Among the world’s most famous brands are Olympus Mamiya, Canon, Sony, and Panasonic.
  • The first self-portrait was invented in 1875 by American photographer Matthew Brady.
  • The «Phantom» photo is the most expensive. It was made in 1999 by Peter Lik and costs $6.5 million.
  • The photo that has the largest number of views is a picture for the Windows XP desktop. You hardly knew about this fact. The author of this photograph bears the name Charles O’Rier. He took this photograph in 1996. The photograph is called «Bliss». A camera below average class took this picture.

Many interesting facts about photographic art appear every day because the world of new technologies is constantly developing. Our website has many interesting articles about photos that are updated regularly.