Reasons for the popularity of mobile applications

popularity of mobile applications

Today, mobile apps have become part of every person’s everyday life. With them, we always stay in touch with our friends and can make purchases online and optimise their professional work. Many companies know about popular mobile applications and promote their business through dedicated online platforms. The modern world would be utterly different without mobile software.

There are many types of mobile apps, so each of them performs unique functions. We would like to describe the most popular types of mobile software to you and tell you what each of them is necessary for.

The usefulness of the mobile application

Any list of mobile apps should start with classifying mobile apps for smartphones and tablets. First, they are divided into two large categories: web apps and mobile apps:

  1. Web apps are designed to replace the computer version of the site and help users access a service through a mobile browser.
  2. Mobile apps have a more complex structure. Developers create them specifically for a particular operating system, such as Windows Phone, Linux or Android. Unlike web apps, each mobile app has a dedicated API that gives users greater security and privacy.

Differences between the most popular mobile apps

We would like to start our mobile apps list by classifying apps by purpose:

  1. Social networks. This is not the most popular category of mobile apps, but social networks remain the foundation of the operation of any smartphone. People keep in touch with their loved ones and colleagues and stay updated on the latest developments in the world, all that thanks to apps for social networking and messengers. Developers create them specifically for mobile platforms.
  2. Content apps. This is the most common type of software in any mobile applications list. Through them, users listen to music, watch movies and videos on particular services, read e-books and learn news from around the world. This segment of the mobile app market is viral among entrepreneurs, too. These platforms are the foundation on which entrepreneurs can promote their products or services and find new audiences.
  3. Business apps. This is not the most common type of mobile app, but it is essential, nevertheless. Thanks to such assistants, specialists can simplify their office work. Today, business apps have become an indispensable tool for many users. Many investors invest their assets in developing business apps since they have far more prospects than all other types of programs.

    mobile applications for business
    Mobile applications for business
  4. Any list of mobile applications would be incomplete without mobile games. This type of mobile app is equally in demand in this market field. The developers release new games regularly and work on additions to the old ones. The mobile gaming industry is developing pretty intensively. Today, more and more users are playing mobile games instead of computer games. This process is already irreversible.


The mobile app is always a program for a particular operating system. Each of them is developed in a particular programming language and has a complex code architecture. As a result, any mobile app is a powerful tool for user interaction with the Internet or the platform of his own smartphone. Today, all popular mobile apps respond to these principles.