The best platforms for developing mobile applications

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Applications are general and a fundamental component of any mobile device. Developers create such software responsibly and carefully. This requires an appropriate level of competence and knowledge. Few users know how the development platforms for mobile applications work. This complicated process involves selecting software to create a mobile application first.

We offer you to learn the most popular and effective mobile apps development platforms and read interesting information about their benefits for developers’ work.

Best platforms for developing mobile applications

First of all, you should learn the concept of mobile applications itself. It is a software product that is designed to operate on a smartphone or tablet with some operating system. Today, mobile applications can be classified into two general categories:

  • programs that are designed for entertainment purposes. They help users spend their free time with interest and benefit;
  • programs for doing work. They are designed within the scope of a particular professional topic and help people to optimise their work and simplify the implementation of certain work tasks.

In the context of mobile apps platforms, you should not forget about such important things as the lifecycle model of an application. It includes a scheme for performing specific functions that support the development, use and service support of the mobile application from the developer itself. The lifecycle term is the beginning of choosing one of mobile applications development platforms before working on application creation.

Different software development tools have a unique toolset for programming. With this toolset, developers can debug the GUI of the future program with the help of a debug monitor, test the application on the computer through an emulator and create virtual Android devices for testing the future application. However, the Android SDK today is the general toolset for any mobile apps platform, so that is a fact.

mobile application development
Mobile application development

The most popular platforms for programming mobile applications

  1. We would like to start our list with a platform called Android Studio. That is a very reliable tool. This is the official software of Android applications, which has all the tools that are needed for the developer.
  2. Eclipse IDE. This platform is no less quality than Android Studio. It has a standard toolset for programming, and its neutrality towards programming languages distinguishes it. Today, Eclipse IDE supports such ones as Cobol, Java, C++ and C. Also, it can be added by C#, PHP, Python, and Ruby.
  3. Intel XDK. Compared to all other mobile applications platforms, it works with HTML5 on a professional level and has markup language and JavaScript. It does not include additional plugins and supports all mobile operating systems.


Any modern person dreams of achieving maximum comfort in his daily and professional activities. So, developers in the field of information technology create specialized mobile tools to meet this user need. Among them are applications and programs allowing users to solve different tasks in any field. In the foundation of any program, there is a unique mobile applications platform. Moreover, its choice depends primarily on the future program’s purpose.