The Art of Photography and the Ways to Master It

No matter how refined photo technique and how perfect photographic equipment becomes, creativity was and remains crucial. So, only a relentless creative search is capable of further enriching the art of photography and the art of photo portrait.

The key to success in this endless process is the participation of millions of people with a camera in their hands…

One of our contemporaries is in the shot

Soviet photojournalists are always at the forefront of public life. As inquisitive explorers of it, they can notice such its side, which will then remain a unique sign of the epoch.

Someone called photography the art of seeing. But this general definition is equally related to painting and graphics as well. Besides, according to M. Gorky, ” to see does not always mean to know, to comprehend.” So, perhaps, there is more reason to call photojournalism the art of noticing. No good plan can prevent what the sharp eye of a photojournalist can catch on the spot. No wonder they are compared to geologists who know in which rock to look for diamonds.


The ability to immediately react to the burning issues of the day with a shot is the main privilege of the contemporary art of photography. And it is taken into account in the propaganda work of our party.

For works of art to go public, their very content must be truthful and sincere. Violation of the truth,  along with contrivance, generates a lack of principles and leads to the isolation of form from the content.

This applies equally to photographic works.

A painter sees and paints nature based on personal impressions. They are even free to change its actual, real appearance to please their imagination. A photographer’s case is different. They are not making anything up. Their ally is the magic of authenticity.

The certainty that strikes us is, of course, not absolute. And not because a separate moment is recorded that does not reflect a general tendency. Perception is affected by something else: a sincere adherence to the truth of life. In the art of photography, this truth is always concrete.